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Investment Strategy
DFJ Network
      DFJ Compass has always been a patient investor, providing a full range of value-added services that help portfolio companies grow.
International Cooperation
  • Technology introduction: DFJs global network could help Chinese enterprises to introduce advanced technologies from Europe, United States, Japan and South Korea
  • Marketing expansion: 34 regional branches of DFJ could help Chinese enterprises to tap into global markets.
Industry Cooperation
  • Create cooperation opportunities for Chinese enterprises to connect with more than 1,000 DFJ global investment portfolios, most of which are in clean-tech and TMT industries;
  • DFJ has made a considerate number of excellent investments in China in the fields of energy saving and environmental protection, new energy vehicles, rail transit, and has accumulated abundant industry resources which are instrumental to potential industry cooperation.
Regional Cooperation
  • Due to long-term investment and cooperation, DFJ Compass and its limited partners have extensive regional resources in Jiangsu, Shanghai and Zhejiang, which could facilitate business development in these regions.

Capital Operation
  • The DFJ Compass management team has been seasoned in investment and M&A in the international and domestic capital markets. We provide professional advises on follow-up financings, strategic financing, M&A, and domestic/overseas IPO.
  • Having built up solid relationships with other investors, we could efficiently assemble investment syndications with complementary industry experiences and investment appetite.

Brand Enhancement
  • DFJ is a top global VC brand, famous for investment in clean technology and TMT industries. With DFJs investment, the portfolio company can enhance branding and market influence more effectively.

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